Magconn is a conductive wireless charging and data sync technology with an automatically pinpointing magnetic connection capability and it’s currently 100% compatible with USB2.0.

Yes, Magconn has some comparative advantages over other wireless charging technologies like Qi and PMA. Not like them, Magconn has the data sync function in addition to the power charging as well. You will face no heating issue thanks to its much higher charging efficiency. It obviously has no harmful electromagnetic radiation and you will be able to enjoy lower costs less than half against inductive charging. The feature also provides higher security with no hacking and ensures quick charging as well.

NO Heating issue due to the excellent charging efficiency (97-99%): not like Qi or PMA (Inductive wireless charging), Magconn is a conductive magnetic wireless charging technology which has almost no energy loss during charging.

It is at a reasonable price currently less than half the price of Qi and PMA.

Magconn has some better aspects as below

1. No cradle is needed
2. It has bundled capabilities of charging, data sync and OTG at the same time.
3. It can be easily aligned, automatically pinpointing, connecting fromany angle and possible with 360 degree rotation
4. It’s compatible with the current and future USB connections.
5. It’s waterproof and easy to clean.
6. It has no breakage and malfunctioning issues due to sudden pulling of a cable.
7. It’s affordable in terms of costs.

Magconn offers two thicknesses of 1.2mm and 0.7mm.
1.2T RX or 0.7T RX can be selectively used depending on devices and accessory
applications. In order to build the solid connection between RX and TX, the bottom of RX is recommended to be 0.4mm lower than the product surface.

Magconn offers two different diameters of 18.9mm (standard RX) and 13.6mm (mini RX). 18.9mm RX is used for the applications which require 5~12V & 2.1~10A power rating. This 18.9 mm RX can be applied for a Quick Charging capability. 13.6mm RX is used for relatively small and compact products which require 5V & 1A power rating, such as wearable watches and VR glasses.

It doesn’t cause any issue because the module affords short-circuit protection

Yes, Magconn’s proprietary circuit affords the short-circuit protection

It meets the USB2.0 standard (480Mbps) at the moment. According to the findings of our lab tests, Magconn is capable of 2Gbps.

Yes, Magconn has the technology roadmap to share with customers. Please refer to Magconn Technology Roadmap for further information.

Magconn will meet the USB3.0 spec (5Gbps) by 2017 and aim to meet the USB 3.1(10Gbps) by 2018

When the RX is installed on a device, it can meet up to IP68 level depending on the device and the product assembly method. It has passed the 40m water proof tests for a water rescue device. For the TX waterproof, drywired nanocoating technology can be applied. But, usually, RX is required for waterproof because RX is installed directly on the device

A metal shield plate is used to shield a magnetic influence on the device. It minimizes any influence on it. However, a compass can be influenced.
* Some of the device manufacturers may say that their customers are recommended to refrain from using their products side by side with magnets.

There are two types of credit cards which have magnetic stripes and IC chips. A magnet has no impact on IC. Also, the magnetic stripes have several different classes depending on the resisting magnetic fields. In case the magnet strip on a credit card is HI grade, it can resist against up to 2750 gauss. It means the credit card is safe from Magconn applications because the magnetic stripes of credit cards are HI grades.

Smartphone communications are not affected. The communication interference test report will be provided upon NDA and request.

Yes, Magconn has the comprehensive reliability test reports. The Magconn module should pass the internal test criteria to meet harsh applications such as power efficiency, data transmission speed, protection, Interference, durability, anti-corrosion, leakage current, skin effect, etc. To get the test reports, NDA is required.

Yes, it is anti-corrosive. Salt spray tests were taken and passed under standard KS D 9502 : 2009_48Hours. The anti-corrosion test report will be provided upon NDA and request.

Magconn is safe from sparks unlike Pogo Pin. As Magconn RX has a flat structure and is waterproof/dustproof, dusts cannot go inside the devices.

It is safe for human skin. The purity of RX gold ring is 99%, so it is better and safer than gold rings, gold watches, and gold accessories. Also, UL Test report will be provided upon NDA and request.

Yes, many CE or B to B products are already in the market. Please visit Magconn webpage ( and see the partner section. For example, there are tablets, wearable watches, Outdoor winter jackets, RFID/Barcode readers, and smartphone accessories. The products using Magconn in the market are listed on the webpage ( and more applications are under development.

Yes, Magconn has a lot of IPs (patents, utilities, designs) worldwide including Korea, US, Japan, Europe and China. After NDA, we can provide key points of Magconn patents.

Yes, we are going to supply with some color variations so that a device designer can easily consummate its design.

Charging efficiency depends on power source and device. Magcaonn does not impact charging efficiency during data transfer same time.

Yes, possible. We can increase gold plating thickness on the RX rings to have more durability (30,000 times for example)

We plan to apply and get UL in 2018.

1. When the RX and the TX are connected

We have a delayed power-on circuit in the TX PCBA to avoid arc discharge. Please see the below. It is described at the 6.6.1 section in the M21O spec sheet. As you can see, the power is on after 0.5 seconds from the moment RX and TX are connected

2. When the RX and the TX are disconnected

We have a short circuit protection in the TX PCBA. It is described at the 6.5 & 6.6 section in the M21O spec sheet.

3. Mechanical support

We suggest customers to follow the RX/TX installation guide as you can see the 7 section in the M21O spec sheet. TX connector is assembled 0.4mm higher than product case surface, and RX connector is assembled 0.4mm lower than product case surface to have more secure connection.


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