Magconn application products.

Magconn technology can be applied to various mobile devices such as smartphone,
Tablet PC, camera, wearable watch, power bank, scanner, phone case/accessories, etc.


Magconn built-in smartphone.

Tough, waterproof smartphone

Compatible with Magconn stand, car charger,

powerbank, cable, etc.

Phone case

Magconn built-in smartphone cases.

Compatible with Magconn cable, gender, stand,

car charger, powerbank, etc.


Magconn built-in powerbank.

Compatible with Magconn phone case.

Car charger

Charging & Data Sync car mount for your car.

Compatible with Apple Car Play and

Google Android Auto.

Charging stand

Magconn built-in charging stand.

Compatible with Magconn phone case

for charging & data sync.

Castaway search device

It is a new standard of castaway search.

It can search up to 5km distance in sea and free

from mobile carrier’s communication fee.

It is waterproof and can be use in mountain area

in addition to sea to find a lost people by accident.

Tablet PC navigator

Magconn built-in Tablet provides a wonderful interface

to use in your daily life.

Use your Tablet as GPS navigator at car and

as a personal Tablet at home, office and outdoor.

Tablet management cabinet

Magconn solution makes

Tablet PC's in class accessible / manageable

to teachers & students.

Tablet PC

Magconn built-in Tablet provides

a different experience to use Tablets.

It’s magnetic wireless charging and data sync interface

makes it so convenient to be used at schools, hotels, offices, etc.

Public charging

by powerbank rental service

Charge Magconn powerbank

by attaching on the charging station.


RFID reader / Barcode reader with Magconn solution.

Outdoor jacket

Magconn enables your outdoor jacket to be

different from other jackets.

Experience a waterproof heating solution

for your winter jacket.


Magconn built-in camera. The smallest black box.

Attach the cam on the mount

to record automatically.

Simply connect to your smartphone to play movie.

Magconn dongle

Magconn dongle can be used for Android smart phones.

Install on to your Android smart phone

to experience the Magconn technology.

Magconn gender

Charging & Data Sync adapter

for Magconn built-in products

Simply connect to micro USB cable to use.

and just attach to Magconn products.


Magconn cable

Charging & Data Sync cable for Magconn built-in products.

Just attach on Magconn products.

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